Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bubbles and more bubbles.

Ava got a bubble machine for her birthday that spins out over 4000 bubbles a minute. Brendan is sure impressed.
He got a bit frustrated that he couldn't catch one though. They kept disappearing when he touched them!

Party at Cassie's

Cassie threw a surprise party for Roger last weekend. We all had a good time! Ava held the snake. She was so brave!
The foam machine was a big hit, but Elsie wasn't so sure about them. Look at that expression. What a little thinker. The older kids loved the foam!
Cassie and Roger.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ava's Beach Birthday Party!

On Sunday we had a nice family party for Ava's fifth birthday which was Saturday. This year she wanted a backyard beach party. We had fun coming up with ideas for the party. We started the party off with a "beach lunch" of octupus shaped hot dogs, shells and cheese and gold fish crackers.
We has a sea shell hunt. The kids found shells hidden all over the yard. Even Emmy found a shell. (Actually, she found a goldfish cracker, but she was very happy with it)
We danced to beach music. We played freeze dance. We also played water limbo, musical chairs and we had a water balloon fight. (Actually, we should have called it, throw the water balloons at Russell!)
Good dancing girls, or are they "freezing"?
Emmy just couldn't stop dancing to that beach music.

Josie made this pretty Dora frame for Ava. I'm going to put this photo of the two of them in it for Ava's bedroom!
Happy Birthday to you.....
We had a sandcastle building contest with sand dough that I made out of flour, cornstarch, water, oil and of course... sand! The kids used thier shells to decorate the sand dough.
Even Emmy gave it a shot.
I think that Grandma Gifford is going to win!

Ava enjoyed all of her gifts! Great cards girls! Ava enjoyed looking through the 20+ cards the girls made for her in anticipation for the party.
The cake and ice cream was delicious!
Everybody enjoyed a beack cocktail! (except for Brendan)
Emmy and Brendan played.
You can't have a beach party without swimming!

Ths girls are keeping cool!
Emmy, you're looking a bit bottom heavy!
Ava's beach cake.
The baby pool!
It sure was a great birthday party!

Happy Birthday Cassandra Lee!

From an adorable little girl..
to a beautiful 23 year old!
Happy Birthday Cassie!
We love you and hope you have a great day!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Elsie and Brendan

These photos were taken in early July when we went to the fair.
Sharing Snacks!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Random Photos

These are just some random photos I wanted to add. I thought this is a cute photo of Ben and Emmy. Ben is Emmy's Godfather and its nice to see them share a special moment. The girls went to the county fair earlier this summer. Here they are on the flying elephants!
Brendan was a happy boy at the zoo!

A trip to the Zoo

We spent the afternoon at the zoo today. The kids had a great time. Unfortunately, we have been sick. It is not fun to to be sick at all, but during the summer it down right stinks! First it was Ava and then Brendan and Paul. (Knock on Wood) I didn't catch it. But anyhow, we spent the past week pretty much at home. Brendan is better now, so the kids and I took the opportunity to do something fun. (Paul is still recuperating)
Ava was kind of afraid to go into the bear cave. She didn't know what to expect , thinking that it was a real bear cave and all. She didn't find a bear in the cave, but we did see some at the bear exhibit. The three bears came right up to the window to get a drink from their stream. It was very cool.

Here is Ava balancing like a mountain lion.

Don't fall off. Her mouth is blue because she had just eaten a blue slush puppy!

Here are the kids in the eagles nest.

Arts and Crafts

Every morning last week, Ava went to Arts and Crafts and the Recreational Hall. These are some of the crafts that she made including the Tye Dyed Shirt and Visor.
A picture of Ava.
She even made a cute pet rock animal and a picture frame. Now this week is Vacation Bible School! What a fun summer she's having!