Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ton's of Pictures of Ava at school

The class went apple picking for a field trip and the class at the fire department for Fire Prevention Day!

The class has been working on acting out The Grouchy Ladybug. Look at those grouchy faces!

Ava won an award for citizenship last month and this picture is of her poses with the other winners in her class.

Ava at School

Here are the pictures from the Thanksgiving feast yesterday. I stopped in for awile to see all of the Native Americans and Pilgrims eating together as friends. This year Ava was a pilgrim. Last year she was a Native American. I got all of these pictures off her classroom webpage. You can get there by going to the district homepage, clicking oh her elementary school and then clicking on the link to her class. (Miss Bates 1st grade) She keeps it up to date with great pictures and news from the class.

The elementary school had a Thanksgiving feast yesterday and these photos show the students preparing for it. Ava is helping her class make homemade pumpkin bread and she helps to make the big invitation for the feast.

These are some pictures that I took right off of Ava's classroom website. Here teacher puts up pictures of what the class has been doing. We had a family project to make a gourd into a living thing that Ava is thankful for. Ava decided to make a flower. Ava's gourd was bumpy so we covered the whole gourd with pine cone pieces and left some of the bumps exposed and made them into catterpillars, bees, ladybugs and a butterfly. You can't really see that in the picture, but it turned out really cute!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween Night

Here are some photos from last night. Ava looked very scary. And her teeth were a bit to large for her mouth I think! Brendan looks pouty at first because he took a late nap. I had to wake him up and put his costume on while he was still half asleep. Ava was in a hurry to get going so these photos of him were taken about five minutes after he woke up. Poor little elephant! He cheered up as soon as he realized how easy it was to get candy by knocking on peoples doors and holding a bag up.