Saturday, March 6, 2010

A visit with Grandma and Grandpa's!!

Over winter break, we took a ride down to have lunch with Grandma and Grandpa H. at their house. It was a nice visit, but I wish it could have been longer.It was fun looking at all of those old pictures and the lunch was delicious.
The kids were able to see a train go by on the way home. Brendan was in awe! I video taped it and now he can watch it at home which he asks to do once in awhile.
On the drive hope we saw a bald eagle! It flew right in front of our car and landed in a tree on the side of the road. We backed up and pulled over, but I think we scared it because he flew away before I could get my camera. I have never seen a bald eagle in the wild. It is a beautiful sighgt to see them fly.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ava's Class of Penguins

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Ava's class learned all about penguins. Here are some pictures of her class teaching the other grades about what they learned.