Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thomas Costume

When I was shopping last week I went into KB Toys because sadly they are going out of business and everything was marked way down. I found this Thomas the Train costume 90% off so I bought it for Brendan to wear next Halloween because he loves Thomas! In the meantime the kids have been playing with it. Here is Brendan wearing his Thomas the Train outfit while watching Thomas the Train on TV.

Hopefully by next year he will be able to walk in it without tripping.

He's paying no attention to me because Thomas is on TV.
(Don't worry Jessie, I only let him watch one episode a day. Two max!!) JK!

Last night I was recruited to put the costume on and give train rides around the house. The kids sure loved it!
(Poor Brendan has been sick with a cold. You can tell in this pictiure that he's not feeling good.
I read to Ava's class yesterday! It was a lot of fun. We ended up making the groundhog scenes. They turned out very cute. I had everything pre-cut because i only had 45 minutes. It was nice to get in and meet all of Ava's classmates and see her school day in action! Ava said I did a very good job all of her friends were asking to come over to our house and play so I must have made a good impression!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I almost forgot to put a photo up for week three of I Heart Faces. I really love this website. There are a lot of great photography tips and I love looking at all the great pictures!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ava's School

On Wednsday, I get to go into Ava's classroom and read the class a story and then do an activity with them. I decided to go with a groundhog theme since next Tuesday is Groundhog day. I found a great book, but was trying to decide on an activity, so on Sunday Ava and I experimented with some groundhog crafts. We liked these two the best. One is a groundhog pop up scene and the other is a cute hat. They are both so cute, so now we have to decide which one to choose!
I guess it's probaly more appropriate to use snow instead of grass in our area!

The groundhog goes in and out of his hole. The kids can choose to put on a sun or a cloud depending on whether they want the groundhog to see its shawdow or not.

Swimming in January

I asked Ava if she wanted to go swimming on Saturday and she thought I was nuts. She ran to the window to see if I was crazy enough to set the pool up in the middle of winter. When I told her that we were going o the indoor high school pool it suddenly made more sense. What a fun afternoon and a great way to lift the winter spirits. ( a couple of weekends ago we had an indoor beach party with graham cracker sand and an inch of water in the baby blow up pool. We turned up the heat and let the fun begin! Actually the kids played for hours while Paul and I got a break!)
She's swimming right out of the picture!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Heart Faces

I found this photography blog on Joanne's blog at I loved looking at her pictures and all the other great photos so I decided I would add one of my own. I took this close up of Ava last summer. She was singing to herself while playing with the pebbles at the beach. Thanks Joanne!

Monday, January 19, 2009

More Shots of the new Big Sister!

Hopefully later I will have pictures of Elsie's little brother!

I can't wait to see Jessie's blog now. Life with an eighteen month old and a newborn will be both interesting and fun I'm sure!

Fun with Elsie

We have spent a lot of time with Elsie the past couple of days watching her while Jessie was in the hospital giving birth to baby Samuel. We have had alot of fun with her. She is quite the character. Up above she's playing the honey bee hop.
Brendan and Elsie's Duet.
I put the babies to work sweeping the floors!


Football Fun

The best things in life are free. Dad brought this blow up field post( I think that is what its called, but I'm problaly wrong) from work and the kids have had a ball trowing balls through it, turning it upside down and using it as a soccer goal, or a punching bag, but the most fun has been jumping and climbing on it like in the picture below.

Brendan thinks this snow tube is a very cozy spot to sit!