Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I don't know if you'll see this but...

HAPPY (50th)

We hope you had a great day!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Although it was a little rainy on Saturday, we spent the afternoon at the zoo. Here is Brendan and a wolf. I have never seen the wolves come this close to the fence before. This wolf and a black wolf kept following us along the fence. If Ava would run, they would run with her. They kept licking there lips and staring at us. I don't think that they were playing. I think that they were looking at us like they were looking at their lunch!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sci-Tech Center

Ava is on spring break from school this week, so I have been trying to fill up the days with fun stuff to do. yesterday we went back to the science museum. Surprisingly Brendan had a great time as well and was very interested in everything that there was to see. Don't mind all of the pictures. I took so many and couldn't decide which ones to use!

Ava playing with her colorful shadow.

Playing with sand!

Its neat to see the inside of a piano at work.

The shadow room. A light flashes and when you walk away, your shadow sticks to the wall.

Here is Ava, learning about machines.

Ava put a puppet show on for us.

Brendan liked the T-rex. he liked the sharp teeth.
Kaleidoscope! Don't mind the face-I was trying to keep up the excitement.

The gears are spinning!

Here is Ava, digging for fossils! We learned that this is called a paleontologist! (spelling?)
I think that Brendan's favorite room was the "doscovery room", or a big playroom full of toys!
Look at that brain at work.

Ava found a fossil.
Of course, the floating ball was Brendan's favorite!

He even figured out how to turn the switch on and off himself.
There it goes!
He caught it!

Windy Spring Evening

After dinner Tues. night, we drove to the state park close to our home. I thought if them kids wore their rain boots, they would be able to walk the beach and maybe dip there toes the water. It ended up being much more windy than I had expected and the water was very choppy so they spent more time on the little playground than on the beach.
Little Frog!

There were plenty of geese floating about.

I think that the wind helped push them to the car.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

photo editing (profiles)

Random Shots from Easter at Grandma's

Russell did a good job hiding all of the treat filled eggs for thr egg hunt!
Grandma and sweet Sam!

Pretty Josie looking for eggs!

Brendan is on a mission. I think he got side tracked from finding eggs when he noticed the slide!
Emmy and Elsie did a great job egg hunting.

We had a good time yesterday at Grandma and Rick's house. Dinner was great and the kids loved finding eggs! We wanted to thank the Barton girls for their notes and Georgia, Ava loved the stickers. She made a picture with them this morning! Thank you!

The Toddlers

Aren't they cute?
This is kind of out of place.
I love this one! So sweet!

Emmy was so full of hugs and kisses! Elsie was wishing this photo session was over and Brendan was full of smiles!

The Babies

Margie Sue is just a beautiful as ever. I didn't get a chance to hold her yet. Hopefully next time!
Here is handsome Samuel. He looks like he is wondering about something. He is such as sweet boy. I can't wait until I can spend more time with him, without my very jealous 18 month old crying at my feet.

Egg Hunt at Grandma's

Thank you Grandma for the fun egg hunt!